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Selfbondage Ideas
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Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Install the app. Ideas for Self bondage. Thread starter lucicle22 Start date Apr 26, Forums Kinks Bondage. You are using an out of date browser.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jun 25, Hey guys, So I have a new time lock padlock as a release mechanism so now am looking at how I can use it.

I want some new self bondage ideas to try that I can use this on so once tied I am there for the set amount of time. Obviously I will have a back up just incase it is needed. So what type of things do you think?

I really want to try some sort of crotch rope predicament with it, but I don't have that many anchor points and things. Also have a forced orgasm belt so could be good to try it in conjunction with that aswell. Thanks in advance. May 19, 2, 2, Outback, somewhere in WA. This is probably idea to be a really useful thread for anyone interested in these type of predicament type self bondage games. Lack of anchor points does restrict you to a few different things such as various body to body binding methods and perhaps something like fastening to a heavy item of furniture like a bed.

One of my favorite simple ones is to set up a tight rope tit binding and then tie both ankles together with another rope selfbondage the two with your timer lock. The predicament comes by attaching the feet as close as possible to your tits, think laying on your back and feet pulled right up as close as you can to your boobs.

Once this is locked it is all but impossible to move around except using your hands a bit but that is really difficult so really you just have to wait it out. The plus side, your hands remain free for emergency escape if needed or masturbating, lol It creates a great tug on your boobs and is a very exposed pose to be stuck in, I'd suggest only about minutes to start out as it can get quite painful quite quickly in this pose.

I have many, many more but will leave it for now to see what other might have. If anything is not clear or you need more detailed instruction let me know. Reactions: Gabbiegirl86Selfbondage and lucicle Apr 21, 68 I have a limitless collection of restraint-like materials to work with but I would say if I were in your place, I would involve any sort of gear you have and are already comfortable with, hopefully you have at least some common items like locking collar and wrist cuffs tape or attach the keys to these to your beltuse the time-lock to connect the collar to your idea wrists.

Still, hope you can find it useful! Reactions: Gabbiegirl86 and IzzAvenged. Oct 5, 0. First and foremost My first time using my timer lock, I spent a good 45 minutes getting set up only to find that the final position of my hands didn't allow me to lock the timer lock.

Talk about frustrating! My favorite timer lock self bondage location is on the futon. I used to have a partner that would pad the heck out of my ankles then tickle me until I thought I would throw up from laughing At the head end, I use the timer lock to attach a nylon strap doubled around the arm to selfbondage middle of a pair of ideas. If I want to be blindfolded, I can set and engage the lock safely without accidentally adding hours For the tease and stimulation, the orgasm forcer is always great. But, if you really want to up the game Reactions: droptokon and AmvetSB.

IzzAvenged said:. Click to expand Reactions: IzzAvenged and droptokon. Thank you for this.

I was planning on sitting and playing with it first and seeing how it releases and the like. Also, trying a few where I can test it while tied but still able to do what I need while I play around. I have a fair bit of rope and cuffs and collars and the like so there is no problem there. Lucicle, you are in for a real treat.

The time lock has been a real game changer in my self-play. I am thinking of ways you can self bind without tiedowns.

For those suddenly showing up, this is just like the one that I have. Reactions: IzzAvenged. AmvetSB said:. Reactions: The idea and AmvetSB. I am really looking forward to it. I am definitely starting with keeping my hands free as I get to know the lock. But I might be brave one day and venture to having it tying my hands to an anchor point, it does sound very exciting.

Reactions: The kingdroptokonAmvetSB and 1 other person. Reactions: droptokon and lucicle So it's here So excited Stuck selfbondage work this evening though so will be having a play around with it while I'm revising tomorrow night.

Reactions: AmvetSB. Reactions: lucicle I haven't done it yet, when I get home this evening I will get it out. Reactions: The kingdroptokon and AmvetSB. I, too, am on pins and needles to hear about your experimentation.

I currently have it attached to cuffs around my ankles to see how it goes. Even though I'm not really bound and can easily take the cuffs off if I really wanted to I am feeling horny knowing that I can't 'get out' until the time has ran out.

Jumping the gun abit, I have my tits bound and I have used it to lock the two ends of the rope together I love this! Reactions: droptokonzsadist and AmvetSB. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link. Featured Thre S. Mistress Started by Simohot21 39 minutes ago Replies: 0.

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I didn't know how to call the section which is not directly related to the selfbondage techniquebut rather to the "entertainment" during the SB sessions, not yet completed scenarios, thoughts and "mental speculations".

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I didn't know how to call the section which is not directly related to the selfbondage techniquebut rather to the "entertainment" during the SB sessions, not yet completed scenarios, thoughts and "mental speculations".

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