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I'm dating woman who fetishist pantyhose

Pantyhose Fetishists


In a recent study on fetishes, feet and toes were cited as the most lusted-after body parts. But what about hosiery fetishes? Not exactly. Hosiery is an opening salvo to the skin. Hosiery is erotic and mysterious and creates intrigue around the body.

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I am opposed to this idea. Although to the outsider it might seem that they are similar fetishes with perhaps minor differences; to many, they are very separate.

I don't mean to say that no one posesess both fetishes; I'm just saying there's a ficant amount on both sides who are interested in just one or the other. Although there hasn't been much mainstream research on the subject, unfortunatelyI'd bet the reasons why a person has one fetish or the other are different too.

I'm the one who suggested the merge. Now i know that many pantyhose fetishists are not interested in stockings and vice versa, but i think the main difference is generational. People who grew up pantyhose ladies wore thigh-high stockings would be most attraced to them, and fetishist who grew up later on when tights were popular would be attracted to those. After all, pantyhose are a kind of stocking, and are almost indistinguishable when seen in public view.

And i wouldnt be surprised if most of the reasons for being attracted to them were similar, just the circumstances were different. The other issue is if we take out the POV and unverified material, there would be nothing left here but a stub. And we have too many fetish stubs on the system. I'd rather see a good-sized article on "hosiery fetishism" and later on if it grew too large it could be split up.

I agree there are many similarities with the fetishes, but strongly support the idea that they are two different fetishes concerning women's legs covered with skin-tight, silky nylon. Wikiagree7 November UTC. Interesting article. I think there are a lot of stereotypes and generalizations in this article. I don't see pantyhose fetishism to be that weird, especially since pantyhose are a kind of underwear.

How to explore pantyhose fetish (solo or with a partner)

I have experienced almost exactly what is described, with a few minor differences. I never really wanted to wear a specific pair of pantyhose; in fact I prefer brand new ones--preferably beige in color and control-top style. I also have a pair of Activskin men's pantyhose. Sometimes I wear my pantyhose with shorts in public, to the library, hiking, etc. It is a unique thrill to do this, at first it can be quite nerve-racking.

People do notice, but I have never had a negative response. Yes, it definitely has a lot of stereotypes and generalizations, but many of them are valid. For someone who's interested in cleaning up the article or, for that matter, just exploring pantyhose fetishismI pantyhose recommend the user-submitted stories at Cyber-Legsmany of which are first-person fetishists asserted to be true, discussing the contributor's early life experiences with pantyhose often pertaining to a mother or sister who wore pantyhosethe development of the fetish often stealing pantyhose from a dresser or trashcanand the intense fear of being caught and chastized by others or being thought homosexual.

I have read many of these stories, and I thought this article did a good job of summarizing them.

I must say i was amazed by the amount of information given on such a subject that is almost unheard of. Sincerely, i am 15 now, and i had nylon fetishism when i was years old. When i look back at the past, i laugh and cry at myself at the same time; i find it really silly for me to practise that habbit now, it is not of any interest to me now, and i experience totaly natural attractions to the opposite sex. My question is: Is my past attraction to pantyhose nylon stockings an early of homosexuality?

A look inside high fashion's hosiery fetish

It's totaly gone now, and as i mentioned above, until now, i don't have any same-sex tendency thank God! If any of you guys know, please answer my "fearful" pantyhose, as i would be really appreciative. I will be checking this discussion often, looking for answers. I think people have this misconception about this fetish specifically the wearing of pantyhose aspect of it, which I'm assuming is what you're talking about that makes people assume they must be homosexual.

Well, some people are and some people aren't; the assumption is false. I must admit I've tried it too, but I know I'm also a straight person and I also love and prefer to see women wearing pantyhose. I had similar doubts when I was younger, but I'm older and wiser now, and fetishist in my sexuality. And I know I'm not alone; you can find similar s and websites across the internet if you look hard enough. The same myth is associated with Transvestismwhich is that people assume because they wear women's clothing, they must be gay, secretly or otherwise.

That has also been demonstrated to be false. I too have a fetish for women in stockings. I do not know why but pantyhose just does not do it for me.

Pantyhose fetish porn videos

Maybe, going along your view points, I prefer stockings as the genitals are visible or accessible. I feel the 2 articles should be kept seperate.

The 2 fetishes are two completely different things. For example, if a woman had a bra made of cotton that covered her whole upper torso would this be as much of a turn on as a micro bikini style bra also made of cotton? The fact is people like each for their own reasons. I have my doubts gentlemen, somebody tell me, please. This article has existed long enough to have cited some sources, in accordance with policy.

If editors continue to add to this fetishist without making it compliant with policy, the best solution is for this article to move to wiki info, a similar wiki that does not require sources, and for this to be blanked and redirected to pantyhose fetishism or a related article. Lotusduck31 March UTC. The article doesn't say anything about curing this condition. Is there no cure?

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What is the difference between pantyhose fetish and foot fetish?

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When I was a young teen, I came across a strange book at a yard sale.

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From Man Ray to Louise Bourgeois, an astonishing range of artists have used tights and stockings to turbocharge their work.

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People who have a pantyhose fetish typically become sexually aroused through wearing pantyhose, watching other people wear pantyhose, or both.

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When I think of pantyhose, I think of grandmothers wearing their church clothes, the misguided fashion sense present in most corporate office parks and how weird it is that you can buy packages of them at drugstores.