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Peg wife hunt for friend wants strangets

My Wife Wants To Peg Me


I grew up rather sheltered sexually. My wife Kathi too.

Name: Guillema

My age: I'm 34 years old
I like: Gentleman
What is my hair: Chestnut
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
What I like to drink: Vodka

It makes a lot of sense that some men like being pegged aka, having a woman enter them using a strap-on dildo. Guys have a prostate—commonly known as the male G-spot —which is a walnut-sized gland inches inside the anus. The prostate is full of nerve endings, and the right kind of stimulation can lead to powerful, full-body orgasms. Enjoying prostate stimulation has nothing to do with being straight, gay, or bisexual—it's simple human anatomy. But why do women like pegging men?

What do they get out of it? They're not experiencing any internal or clitoral stimulationso unless they're using a toy at the same timeit's unlikely that they'll orgasm through pegging a man. Besides, how does one even get into pegging? Did they just ask their boyfriends, "You know how you like sticking it in me? Well, I think it's time I stick it in you! Rose: "My boyfriend expressed an interest in wanting to be pegged. I was very supportive but also intimidated because I don't have a lot of experience with ass play on men.

But I went ahead and bought a 5-inch strap-on. Once the dildo was inside, I checked in with him to make sure I wasn't hurting him, and he replied, 'Are you in all the way?

Amber: "My first pegging experience was both intimidating and exhilarating. It was with a long-time sexual partner who knew he really wanted it. He finished after two quick pumps, but the power I felt in those few seconds rocked my world.

The night i let my wife ‘peg’ me

Kellan: "My first pegging experience was one of the most intimate sexual experiences I've ever had. After a couple of glasses of wine, I put on the sexy, leather harness and black dildo along with a Victoria's Secret corset top. I don't think I've ever felt sexier. Shira: "I was young; it was almost 20 years ago, and it was exciting. My boyfriend at the time had gifted me a strap-on set for my birthday and asked me to peg him.

6 men reveal why they love getting pegged during sex

Daya: "My first pegging experience felt like coming into my body for the first time as a vulva-bodied trans male. Kelley: "My first pegging session was with a long-term partner, so we were very comfortable with each other and took it slow. He had been using it by himself already too so it wasn't completely new to him. Ashley: "My first pegging experience was actually with one of my sex educator colleagues, which was great because he was very clear in his requests, and offered me tips—including the importance of using lots of lube. Crystal: "Overall, incredibly positive.

I was in college and my boyfriend and I had been planning it. We took our time and just had fun with it. I used a double dildo we bought specially for the occasion.

I had one of the most amazing orgasms of my life from the g-spot stimulation while I was pegging him. I was more concerned about his experience than my own. The dildo slipped out of his butt a lot without realizing it though. It was quite frustrating because we had to keep starting and stopping. At the time, I identified as a lesbian, and I had clocked a lot of time wearing a strap-on, but he was my first time using a strap-on with a cisgender man. Aja: "My first experience pegging was in a queer threesome with my oldest friend.

My friend being a massive sub got dommed by both me and their girlfriend. Rose: "Aside from my boyfriend wanting it and my wanting to please him, I really wanted to know what it was like to fuck someone. I've always been a sub and don't really have any domme energy in the bedroom, but I was curious to know what it feels like, to feel what the men who fuck me feel.

Amber: "I had been hooking up with this partner for a really long time and we had explored several different fantasies and kinks together, so I figured if I was going to try pegging, this was the way to do it. And he really begged to be pegged, which in itself, was quite the turn on.

Kellan: "I wanted to know the sensation of being on the giving end of penetration. Shira: "We had done anal play on each other, and it gave us both all the orgasmy feels. Once I first fingered his ass, I was very excited to see what else could go in and make him cum. Daya: "I first tried pegging because my partner and I were exploring his bisexuality at the time. Although his girlfriends had engaged in prostate play, he had never had a partner open to his desire to be penetrated by a penis.

14 women reveal why pegging men turns them on

Kelley: "We're both bisexual, so to me it's like of course, we tried it, but I hope different types of partners would also give it a chance. Crystal: "I was in a super great relationship where we were young and a had strong sexual compatibility. My boyfriend had been fucking me in the ass and started expressing curiosity about what it would feel like if I fucked him. We watched some pegging porn and started off easy with rimming and fingers for a few weeks, worked our way up to butt plugsand only then decided to try full pegging. The other man was very into my husband, and we had never explored our bi male fantasies.

He had never wanted a guy to fuck him before this moment. It really turned us on.

We are both big proponents of trying new things from both sides of the spectrum, so where better to start than at home Allison: "Prior boyfriends and I had discussed pegging, but we never got around to gearing up and trying it. So pegging was always intriguing to me, even from a young age. Aja: "I've known my friend for six years now, and we're both very sexually open and positive people, so we had been talking about me domming them for years. So it was kind of an inevitability. Annie: "I'm a naturally dominant person and something about penetrating a guy like that just really turned me on.

Also, as a queer woman I love being with men who are comfortable expressing themselves sexually in ways that may go against gender norms. Rose: "Honestly, the best thing about the whole experience was that my boyfriend felt comfortable enough with me to tell me he wanted it.

It showed how much he trusts me. I also enjoyed the sense of control and power. I also noticed an immediate sexual confidence boost that I think has translated into my regular day to day life. Kellan: "The act went fabulously, so much so that I actually came while fucking him! What I loved was how in control I felt, how sexy I knew I looked, and when I wanted to, how intimate I could make the situation.

I was turning myself on! Shira: "I like the pleasure that they receive, the power exchange, and the feminization of the bottom while I wear the strap. I also appreciate the vulnerability it takes for my partners to ask me to penetrate them, especially given the cultural taboos. Peg "Pegging is an important part of my trans male gender expression. I prefer strap-ons with a double-ended dildo so I feel that the penis is attached to me.

Kelley: "I like pegging because I like fluid roles with a want in and out of the bedroom. What I'm attracted to in men is an absence of fragile wife. Pegging can be considered a symbol of that, so yeah, it's fucking hot! Crystal: "Honestly, everything. If I had to break it down, I would say that I enjoy how it can be deeply intimate. The male partners I have pegged have all expressed a deeper appreciation for the art and skill set of receiving, and in that moment, I feel more seen, understood, and appreciated.

In this way, I feel safer and more understood by men who have bottomed. I like experiencing all the aspects of sex and being the penetrator is different and fun. I also enjoy giving men a sensation that may be new to them and walking them through that experience. Selfishly, I also love the feeling when I can confidently put on and stroke my own 'dick.

My girlfriend raped me with a strap-on. this is my story.

I mean, if anyone hasn't experienced giving a prostate orgasm firsthand you are seriously missing out. I love being in a position of control, and I love delivering an intense and connected experience. I like how pegging can help some men drop into sub space and relax into powerful sensations. Aja: "I get a lot of satisfaction out of making someone utterly melt with pleasure and ecstasy, both from the feeling of power it provides me, and just from making someone a quivering puddle.

Pegging and prostate play with the right partners can provide all of that. Rose: "Never be afraid, it's just another fun sex act! If she's not into it, that's cool, but never be afraid to ask about pegging or anything else.

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My ex-girlfriend used to shove a vibrating, seven-inch dildo up my ass while she blew me.

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I liked the fact that she kept books and articles about how to improve sex and be a more sexual person.