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PornDude Sex Dating Sites. PornDude, I want to fuck a real girl for free! Can these sex dating sites help me out for a hookup? I assume you're not looking for a relationship, right?

Name: Kitty

What is my age: I'm 26 years old
I speak: Russian
What is my favourite drink: Stout
Favourite music: Heavy metal
Smoker: Yes

Discussion in ' Free Love ' started by phlebianDec 24, Hip Forums.

Ever meet up for anonymous sex? Did you ever meet someone online and then hook up in reality? Was it good or bad? Were you nervous? Where did you meet? What did you do? Would you do it again? Yes, and I'll tell you how it happened I was in a chatroom one night on an adult themed hook-up site, just browsing and watching the conversations.

I can't remember exactly how I started chatting up this one woman, but we seemed to hit it off really well, with little sly comments back and forth for a good while.

I suggested that we take the conversation off the chat site and to YIM, and she agreed readily. We get on YIM, exchange pics and I give her my phone. She calls, and soon enough I'm giving her directions to my house. She lived nearby, so about half an hour later there's a knock at my door, and I go to answer it. Standing there under the porch light is a curvaceous, pretty blonde with grey eyes, wearing tight blue jeans, a form-fitting velvety top and a nervous smile.

I didn't hesitate to invite her in, and offered to make her comfortable. At this point I am emboldened by the fact that she even came by, so I make a move after about five minutes of small talk. We started making out, I began to undress her, and the next thing you know, she and I are wilding out on my couch.

We then moved the good times to the bedroom, and she was a talented lover indeed. Many orgasms later, we lay there making small talk.

We both confessed that we'd never done anything like this before, but were satisfied with the outcome to say the least. She left my house around three in the morning. This was the first of many good times I spent with her, and eventually it was just our separate lives that caused us to drift apart.

We even went on a weekend trip together and had some crazy adventures at a swingers club. I never felt 'weird' about how we'd met either, because it all went so well. She was a real square in her 'normal life' school secretaryso I guess she just needed a little no strings fun to spice things up. I was glad to oblige.

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I have met women online, through an adult ad, then later had sex with them. My situation is a bit different than the type of seduction that most of you imagine. The women were married and the husbands watched. RawAndNaturalDec 25, It should be fun doing it. Formertechno34Jan 6, I have done it before. I haven't had any bad experiences. I have done it both through adult themed online communities and also with men who lived in my town, men that others knew but I didn't. That's probably not really anonymous, but sort of the second cousin of anonymous.

Go for it, if you are interested! Vegan GirlJan 15, Within the first minute i was there she was suckin me off. When we had cybered before she told me that this was a naughty fantasy of hers, to meet a guy for the first time and take him in her mouth.

IT was so hot doing that, I had to fight off cumming I ended up lasting for about 20 minutes before i blew I have alot of times. I'm not counting people that i knew already and met before but never really gotten to have a full convo with. The experienced and willing.

First time was a lady out in the boondoks. I thought I was gonna get murdered or something, but got to the house, she opened the door and gave me a huge and started rubbing me. I got hard and she was like, wow someone wants to play. So she took her robe off, dropped my pants and pushed me on the couch. I loved it. SactownbudJan 16, Yes I have. Probably around 5 times.

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Some good, some bad. Where do you guys go online for chats like this? Are you on a regular AIM chat or paying for chat online? I would definatly be interested to talk to a few people online. Can anyone please post a few links? What are you guy's secret? I tried personals, online, whatever.

Nothing comes of it. Only in person. Yeah comon guys Some of you guys seriously have experiance doin this stuff now youve done it so much. HHhusaFeb 14, ISnt everyone talking about chatting online and meeting for a first time and having sex at random? I received an e-mail once that had a few forwards to it Ya know, I had to click a few times to get to the origianl context and I replied to the original sender, instead of the person who sent it to me. She let me know what I had done, and I apologized.

From there we e-mailed a few more times, and then we met and had great sex. Is seemed as thought we were physically meant for each other. I had heard that "No Strings Attached Sex" was out there, but until that day, I thought it was just something some people made up. But its real. I think it happens when you least expect it.

A wrong phoneA chance meeting in the mall, or the grocery store, maybe you hold a door for someone, or share a cab with someone, or an elevator.

Just don't come on too strong and it might just develope into something wonderful and unexpected. Or you could deliver pizza to lonely old ladies.

MalapascuaFeb 15, I would love to try it, but don't know where to start. Show Ignored Content.

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