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It starts out with Danchou, Usagigoke, and other flower knights in the middle of a subjugation. Usagigoke points out to Danchou that the only pest left is a fairly stubborn one that refuses to be taken down. Usagigoke assures him that if all the flower knights keep beating on it, it'll die eventually, but Danchou wanted to think of a way that would reduce the of casualties for everyone.

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Years old: 36
I like: Guy
My Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
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While holding a mountain of documents, I walked towards my office.

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I was walking carefully so as to not drop them on the floor, but they all ended up scattered anyway. Rosy lily had a concerned look on her face. Wasn't it obvious I was having some issues right now?

She said in a cheery voice. Like a little too strange. Is Rosy Lily really good at sorting documents.


You're not just saying that because you noticed these? Rosy Lily : Danchou-san, are you doubting me right now? I really hate lies. Or when things get messed up. Rosy Lily : Ah, Danchou-san doesn't need to do anything! Please wait a moment.

Leave it all to me, OK? Rosy Lily took over collecting the documents. I was just awkwardly watching her without doing anything. She was very skilled at collecting documents. I took the documents that Rosy Lily presented to me. The heavy burden returned to my arms. That was quick. No wonder you're so proud of you document sorting abilities. Both my hands were full of documents, but Rosy Lily was still holding onto them.

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I told her it was OK to let go now. I was wondering that as I looked at Rosy Lily's hands, and noticed her first and second fingers were trapped between the papers.

The pile of documents had been divided into five parts by her four fingers. That's what you call a document sorting pro's technique. Rosy Lily and myself began to crab walk to my office. I really hoped that we wouldn't run into anyone else while stuck like this.

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At first, I thought she was talking about how far it was to my office, but apparently she was talking about the distance to this place. It's been a while since she spoke about how far we were,but perhaps she felt it again, Rosy Lily blushed and looked away from me. Gladiolus lifts the entire stack of documents with both arms from the bottom, all the while, Rosy Lily keeps her fingers stuck in between the sheets, and supports the stack so that it doesn't collapse.

It must be a strange sight to see the three of us to be slowly heading to my office with this mountain of documents. We managed to open the door somehow and get into the office.

Because of all the help, it felt like it took a lot longer than usual to make it here. Rosy Lily : We can't let down our guard just yet If we lose our focus, it'll be all over! Let's push on just a little more! Rosy Lily encouraged us. Gladiolus and myself gave a firm nod.

A strange sense of solidarity seems to have been born. I told Rosy Lily that it would help me if she did so. The three of us carefully placed the pile of documents on the desk.

As Gladiolus said that, she left the office. You might have had other things to do, but you still came this far I appreciate that. I looked back to Rosy Lily, who still had her fingers in the stack of documents.

Also, I'm happy that you've saved me the trouble of sorting them. So you can easily find the book you want to read, wouldn't it be better to arrange them in a way that's easy to find?

Rosy Lily immediately starts to work. I again think about how she loves to keep books and documents neatly organised. As Rosy Lily asked, she looked up at me. It was a cheap figurine of a Flower Knight that I had placed on the shelf to fill an empty space.

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Rosy Lily : Ah, and with that, I'm done! It'll be easier to find books than it was before As Rosy Lily was looking at me, the lonely figurine on the bookshelf fell off. The Flower Knight figurine loses part of her armour due to the fall. Rosy Lily looks like she's about to cry. She has such a kind personality, that the thought of troubling others is difficult for her.

Rosy Lily asks me to say it again. Rosy Lily gave a bright smile. Her ability to so quickly accept what she's told is one of her strengths.

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When I first met Gladiolus-chan, she was fighting the pests all alone. It was so, so cool, but Rosy Lily : All alone With those brave eyes Just remembering that Aah, so beautiful Such brilliant moves She looked like a grasshopper while beating those pests I was in love N-no, it was more like a longing Rosy Lily : Gladiolus-chan is my target. I don't have What I'm saying is, I want to be as cool as her! Rosy Lily is yearning for Gladiolus? You mentioned you fell in love with her, maybe it's true love? But the things you love doesn't change.

Rosy Lily is looking straight at me.

When I looked back she blushed and quickly looked away. Rosy Lily : I'm good at sorting documents, but it's so difficult to sort my feelings and put them into the right words. I could feel the direct emotions of Rosy Lily.

Because she said it, it's her true feelings, her heartfelt feelings. I should tell her something as I surrounded her with my arms.

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